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BK Valley

    BK ValleyBK Valley stands for Bangkong Kahoy. Live tree trunks and branches shaped like a bench (bangko) can still be seen in this sitio of Mt. Banahaw, hence the name. Bangkong Kahoy is a closely knit community of vegetable farmers who take to heart the care of their mythical mountain. It is part of Barangay Kinabuhayan in Dolores, Quezon. Kinabuhayan comes from the root word “buhay” which means life. Kinabuhayan can mean where one started life, where one depends for sustenance, where one resurrected, where one found life again.

    BK Valley sits between the mountains of Mt. Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw. One gets a magnificent view of the two mountains interacting with the moods of sun, the wind and the rain, constantly changing, always proclaiming the glory of its Maker.

    BK Valley is a field study center where every visitor is given the opportunity to see and appreciate the beauty of nature. Birds and butterflies, plants and flowers abound. The sounds of nature, the movement of the wind, the gush of pure water, the dance of the rain are all in harmony. The simple folks continue to preserve their values and traditions. Their religious beliefs and practices are evident. Their recollection of stories of long ago and their daily life in the mountains, shared in their loud, deep, almost musical Southern Tagalog accent go endless for an inquisitive visitor. For the young and old of BK Valley, what can be an adventure for the lowlander is a daily routine.

    It is hoped that this isolated valley can be the big classroom where people from all walks of life can be made aware, not only of the beauty of nature, but also of the important role each of the species play- that when they observe closer, they will be transformed from being just a bystander, an observer, an admirer- to a passionate steward of whatever is left of our country’s natural treasures.

    BK Valley invites old and new nature enthusiasts to experience nature at its finest.
    Once you have experienced the place, it’s people, its sights and sounds, BK Valley will always beckon.

    Location: Dolores, Quezon
    Contact Person: Dion Pullan
    Contact Number: +63(906)4329372937
    Email Address:

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