About Ekolife OFW Coop

Ekolife OFW Marketing Cooperative (Ekolife OFW Coop)  is a social enterprise  owned and operated by the OFWs and families for the OFWs and families. It was an initiative led by Pinoy WISE leaders of the different provinces and destination countries.   It was registered with the Cooperative Development Authority of the Philippines on January 17, 2017.  It operates in Laguna, Batangas, Tarlac, Ifugao, Iloilo and Surigao del Sur  in the Philppines and in Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, UAE and Italy.

Ekolife OFW Coop provides the platform for developing and marketing of  products of the OFWS and their families.   It also deals directly with the local farmers and producers and buy their products at  fair trade price.

It was organized as a response to the growing number of OFW businesses which fail due to insufficient capital, management issues, lack of product development and lack of market.   OFWs usually have  funds for production but usually they do not have any more capital or skills for promoting and marketing their products. The hard earned money of OFWs, products of their years of hard work -blood, sweat and tears goes down the drain whenever their businesses fail.

As a social enterprise, Ekolife is concern with 3 bottom-lines also called 3 P’S

Ekolife provides business and employment opportunities for OFWs, their families and community

Ekolife’s profit are plowed back to the OFW members and the community through dividends, patronage refund and services.

Ekolife products, activities and practices promoted are mindful of its impact on the environment.


A marketing eco-system for the sustainable development of the OFWs, their families, the farmers and other members of the community


  • link the OFWs and farmer producers directly to the market to benefit from fair trade; and
  • ensure that OFWs, families and members of the community avail of affordable, natural, healthy and environment friendly  products directly from producer


  1. Provide social franchising model for OFW members in agri-production and food processing and coffee shop
  2. Develop channels of marketing of products of the members through Eh Kape Shops, Ekolife Hubs, Eko-Dealership and Ekolife Mobile  application