About Ekolife

EKOLIFE is a social enterprise operated and managed by Atikha involved in packaging and promoting eco/agrotour destinations that involves the OFWs and families as both service providers and customers of the tourism industry.

As a social enterprise, Ekolife is concern with 3 bottom-lines also called

3 P’s


The enterprise provide income for all the those involved in service delivery;


It involves the community and provide jobs to a large number of people in area; and


Activities and practices promoted are mindful of its impact on the environment.

Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiative Inc.Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiative Inc. ( Atikha) is a non-government organisation providing social and economic services for the overseas Filipinos and their families in the Philippines.


  • Promote a lifestyle that cares for the environment and the people
  • Contribute to local development through eco-development (agro/ecodev) tourism
  • Promote fair- trade products of women, farmers and fisher folks in participating provinces
  • Provide opportunities for Overseas Filipinos in the tourism industry


  • Package and promote eco/agro-tourism destinations in partner provinces of Atikha
  • Provide capacity building for Overseas Filipinos in the tourism industry and increase their income potential by organizing and  linking with the tourism value chain
  • Link overseas Filipinos to sustainable migration and development initiatives in their home country to promote investment, business opportunities and philanthropy projects

Training Provided to Partners

  • Training on Basic Homestay Accommodation for Overseas Filipinos and families
  • Training on Eco-Tour Guiding
  • Seminar on Green Practices i.e. Recycling Domestic Waste and Organic Farming Training; Use of renewable energy; green architecture etc

Ekolife offers clean, safe, and environment friendly bed and breakfast facilities and socially responsible activities which have passed the accreditation standard of Ekolife and the Provincial Tourism Office.

Ekolife is a product of partnership between the Atikha, the migrant and community organisations, local government units and the Department of Tourism to promote ecotourism in the various provinces.