Be a Member Distributor or Producer

Who can become a Member?

  • OFW and returnees
  • Families of OFWs
  • Suppliers, staff  and members of the Ekolife communities

Criteria for Members

  • Interested to be engaged in marketing of cooperative products, agri-production or food processing
  • Willing to be active member of the Ekolife cooperative

How to Become A Member?

  1. Attend Pre-Membership Orientation Seminar;
  2. Submit Ekolife Membership Form and copy of passport for OFW or any government issued ID in the Philippines for family members;
  3. Pay Membership Fee:

Php 500

  • Pay Capital Share of Php 2,000

Benefits of Members

  1. Access to affordable and healthy naturally produced fair trade products directly from producers;
  2. Access to market for members involved in production and processing;
  3. Business opportunities for direct selling of Ekolife products,   social franchising of the Eh Kape coffee bar, agri-business and food processing,
  4. Dividends on capital share;
  5. Patronage refund on products bought from the cooperative based on the earnings of the cooperative after the end of the year;
  6. Link to service providers for training for product development and access to market;
  7.  Access to other services for OFWs and families such as training, mentoring etc.

Responsibilities of Members

  1. Patronize the products, services and other business of the Ekolife cooperative;
  2. Promote cooperative products and services to buyers;
  3. Attend meetings and trainings for the development of the cooperative;
  4. Participate in business and projects for the benefit of the members and cooperative; and
  5. Vote and be voted as officer of the cooperative.