Places to Visit and Things to Do in Bohol

Bohol is a haven for adventure travelers and nature lovers who want to experience a life away from the busier cities in the Philippines. Bohol is not just an island consisting of the Chocolate Hills and the loveable Tarsier creatures, it also boasts of a long shoreline of white sand beaches that rivals the best in the world. Diving enthusiasts can also assert by the awesomeness of the underwater marine life located in the waters off Bohol. To sum it all up, there’s just too many places one mustn’t miss in Bohol. Check out EkoLife’s itinerary packages for Bohol to help you plan your trip with your family and friends.

Bohol Countryside Tour

The best way for travelers passing by Bohol for a day is two is to avail of the Bohol Countryside Tour. EkoLife has a set of itineraries you can choose from if you want a hassle and stress-free trip. However, for the DIY travelers, upon embarking from the ferry coming from Cebu, tour guides will approach you to offer a whole day tour. To cut cost, you can share one van with 4-5 other travelers. Places included are the world famous Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary, Mahogany man-made forest, Loboc River Cruise, Baclayon Church, the Blood Compact Site, Bohol Python in Albuquerque Zoo, nature trails and a few other interesting spots before capping it off at Panglao Island.


Originating from two Visayan words “tago”, “bilaan”, (hidden shelter), Tagbilaran serves as a jump off to the scenic countryside that includes the world famed Chocolate Hills, the Loboc River, the Tarsiers and Panglao Island. The port ferries daily trips to Cebu and back, making this the ideal entry point of travelers along with the city’s main airport.

Panglao Island
Blinding white sand stretching as far as the eye can see, coupled with the fiery sunset in the horizon, one instantly concludes that Panglao is truly a paradise in the Philippines. Beach and dive resorts dot the shoreline encapsulated by crystal clear blue waters, makes this island a haven for beach junkies and scuba divers alike. I never heard of a tourist who visited Bohol and skipped this part of the province, do not be the first one or you will miss out a lot.


Called as the ‘cradle of Boholano civilization’ as evidenced by the many heritage sites located around the Anda peninsula, it situates on the southeast part of Bohol. Projecting a throwback vibe laden with historical significance, the town of Anda offers a silent refuge to travelers seeking a solitary time. One must take a walk at the long stretch of white sands that stretches west of the coastline, watch out along the way as the view are something to marvel at.


The gateway to the island of Mindanao where one can catch a ferry going to Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro. Jagna is a small town perfect for local living immersion. Take a walk along the streets to mingle with the friendly locals while trying out tasty local delicacies such as calamay. A few beach and diving resorts can also be found here.

Cabilao Island

A perfect place to chill with only the sound of roosters and the old church bells seizing the sound waves other than the harmonious crashing sound of the waves, idyllic and truly beautiful in a quiet way, it is bound to silence you in amazement.

Danao Adventure Park

Go on an exhilarating free fall by taking the ‘Plunge’ – a 75 meter drop, at Danao Adventure Park. Dare yourself not to scream and not go insane. but one thing is for sure, it surely is a ride of a lifetime.

Dolphin Watching, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving at Balicasag Island

Considered as one of the best diving spots in the Visayas, an array of underwater activities that provides plenty of fun awaits visitors to this known marine sanctuary. Balicasag is recognized as having one of the most diverse marine ecosystems in the world and also a great place to catch a glimpse of dolphins flipping in and out of the waters.


Aside from an interesting mangrove inlet found here, the vibe at Buenavista screams of the great outdoors. Hiking and crossing river streams into the open sea provides a wonderful nature tripping experience and capping it off with a mouthful of the local delicacy urchin gonads.

Pamilacan Island

The small island of Pamilacan, located about 23km east of Balicasag, is considered a cetacean central, which describes a significant dwelling place to whales and dolphins – provides another great option for dolphin watching.


Just out of Antequera, about 20km from Tagbilaran, one can hike and swim at the Mag-aso Falls – the largest falls on the island – and Inambacan Spring and Caves. Cave guides can be found at the trailhead to Mag-aso Falls.

Lamanoc Island

Situated near Anda beach is an island shrouded with mystery. Guides will tell you of a system of caves housing artifacts from a prehistoric past and of witch doctors who performs shamanistic rites. Riding a small canoe can take you around to see the scenic limestone edges around this small island.

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