“All Here. So Near.”


BATANGAS is a province boasting many spectacular travel destinations that caters to a diverse set of visitors. It is a place gifted with an abundance of wonderful natural wonders and man-made structures that bridge a fascinating past to our modern times. Adventure seekers can revel at the many scenic hiking trails that leads to picturesque rolling hills tucked hidden in its gorgeous mountains. Beach lovers find recluse in the many pristine beaches and islands that also serves as jump-off place to world renowned scuba diving sites.

The charming pull of heritage towns like Taal and the many Spanish Colonial Churches located all over the province delivers a throwback vibe into our storied history. Foodies who walk around each city and towns searching for a gastronomical delight are sure to experience an Epicurean treat courtesy of the many Batangas native cuisines. Get cultured by witnessing the province’s rich traditions by timing your trip to the various festivals held annually. Everything you want to experience is here in Batangas.

Quickly realizing its tourism potential, Batangas is now being branded as a premier tourist destination for both foreign and local tourists. Now is the perfect time for Filipinos to explore this province, especially the Overseas Filipino Workers who are missing out on local food, culture and travel from many years of working abroad. From world-class hotels and resorts to homestays operated by families of OFW’s, Batangas serves as an ideal location to re-introduce the Filipino way of living, culture and tradition through a fun filled holiday with your love ones coming home from abroad and other parts of the Philippines.

A mere three-hour drive from Manila, Batangas provides the best alternative to a memorable retreat and escape from the doldrums of the bustling Metro Manila. Local and foreign tourists alike can traverse the province from various entry points and continue their journey to its neighboring provinces as well.

Eco-friendly and economically efficient, the province of Batangas is now ready to receive visitors from all over the country and the world.

What are you waiting for? In Batangas, it’s all here, it’s so near.

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General Information

Founded December 8, 1581
Capital Batangas City
Total Area 3,119.75 km2 (1,204.54 sq mi)
No. of City / Municipality 34 (3 City / 31 Municipalities)
Income Classification 1st Class
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