Mindoro “It’s More Fun in Mindoro!” 

Mindoro Island brings out the best of both worlds; a rugged set of mountainside and crystal clear sea waters. Together, it encapsulates the bucolic countryside and forms a picturesque backdrop from every perspective. Known for its scenic high rolling mountains and a healthy system of rain forests highlighted by the peak of Halcon – the country’s fourth highest mountain and the splendid beaches of Puerto Galera, Mindoro also boasts of a surrounding body of water that harbors a thriving underwater existence that brings credence to the Philippines’ reputation of being the “center of marine shore fish biodiversity in the world”.

Divided into two provinces; Oriental Mindoro to the east and Occidental Mindoro to the west, it forms a one-two combo for travelers to explore and discover fascinating places. Overseas Filipino Workers, who misses the tropical sunshine of the country, will find a haven in the chill-out beaches of Mindoro Island. Outdoor enthusiasts will surely enjoy the many hiking trails and mountains home to an array of rare flora and fauna and wild animals that includes the endemic Tamaraw.

For those sporting a more adventurous spirit, the rougher part of Mindoro Occidental hides an off the beaten path location called Sablayan – a jump off point to the pristine scuba diving mecca of Apo Reef. Remote villages inhabited by Asia’s most primitive tribes, the Mangyans welcome visitors with open arms. Immersing with them by staying at the many homestays delivers awesome experience to last a lifetime.

EkoLife has designed a number of special interest itineraries perfect for all types of travelers to enjoy. A wide ranging selection of activities from outdoor adventure to beach frolicking and local life immersion awaits you, your OFW family members and foreigner friends.

Adventure, culture, food and beach bumming – the island of Mindoro is a definite must-visit.

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General Information

Founded 1955
Capital Calapan City
Total Area 4,238.38 km2 (1,636.45 sq mi)
No. of City / Municipality 15 (1 City / 14 Municipalities)
Income Classification 1st Class
Website www.ormindoro.gov.ph
Tourism website NONE
Province of Oriental Mindoro